ello ello I'm new to this community.

I'm a fatass, I'm 26 years old, idk what else to put here but there's a little blurb in my profile if you want to know a bit more.

anyway, I think this community is awesome and I look forward to posting here and meeting people.

I'm always looking for lj friends and like-minded buddies so if you think we're compatible, add me!

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Haven't posted in ages!
How have you all been?

I've just come off a 3 day fast and i'm trying hard to control myself with eating.
I really don't want to undo my fast with a binge!
I seriously cannot wait until Christmas is over. I want a new year and a brand new start :)

It's cliche' but i've been listening to Ana's song by Silverchair and i really like it!!

Hope you've all been doing okay
Be safe <3

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 I'm home from camp! the first thing i did was go out and binge and purge. im sad to be back, i miss all my friends. my camp friends are difforent from my home friends, we're so much closer it's insane. we actually care about each other and i love them so much! Ah. anyways, i'm back. how are you guys? what'd i miss?

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Erased last post! Explanation:

My mom has been reading my emails and she can read all of my entries that I have on my Mia_shit account

I figured if I posted crap about me wanting to recover and deleting this account than she would think “Oh wow, maybe I won’t have to force her into going to therapy and make her stay downstairs after she eats and keep starting fights with her after every meal. She obviously wants to get better.” And then I could not use this account for a couple weeks and she’d think I was done with it and then I could come back and be Mia_Shit again, but fuck, I'm pretty damn sure she'll still check up on me.

So, new account with a new Email: [info]the_wintergirl FRIEND ME!
I seriously started crying when people were saying goodbye to me.
I knew it'd only be for a couple weeks but I still couldn't deal with it.
I've been part of this site for years and I could NEVER EVER leave it!

I'm sad that I have to give up this screen name though bc I've had it for so long that sometimes when people come back they recognize it...fuck. Why am I so distraught about a screen name?!?!?! lol. I'm honestly tearing up. Idk

anyways- I love you all!


Please forgive me?

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 how has everyone been?
i had an interview at Swiss Chalet today :) 
Then after i went to Micheals (A craft store) and bought some hena.
it's been almost 20mins and it's starting to burn... i'm kinda worried.

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 hi i'm jenn. I suffered with anorexia and bulimia since high school. i'm 23 now


cw 119 (fatasssss)
lw 102
hw 128
gw 1   115
gw 2   110
gw 3   105
ugw    100

how are you all. i'm new to this community and am very excited to meet all you guys and here what you have to say for support. hope you all are well

Thanks Again!

 seriously all you girls - have really made me feel not alone and not crazy! - you are all awesome.

Thanks! :)

I think I wouldn't be as strong as I am right not if it wasn't for all the positive encouraging responses.

I can't thank you enough!!

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I haven't binged in two days! I just feel not hungry , anyone else have that where they will be ravoness for like three weeks then have little to no appite for another three weeks?